Sunday, October 4, 2015

"Tear Down This Wall"

The US Vigilance team had the distinct pleasure of meeting Peter Robinson, one of the speech writers behind Ronald Reagan’s famous Berlin Wall speech in 1987.  It was an incredible story of how this speech took form and the road to its delivery by President Reagan.  Mr. Robinson expressed how the President’s words made ideas thinkable and things say-able. 

The idea of the speech was so provocative that some 18 months later the infamous Berlin Wall would fall and the Soviet Union would begin its rapid dissolution.  The greatest experiment in communism crumbled under the weight of liberty and free markets.  The prosperity brought under the U.S. Constitution that enabled each individual freedom of choice proved superior to a despotic system where choices are made by the State.

The mere fact that words can be so powerful should be a testament against political correctness.  If words are the keys to thoughts and discussion, what is the implication for the lack of those words?  We devolve into the Soviet Union.

When you say it, you think it.  When you think it, it becomes reality.  If words become controlled by the State or media, our thoughts become limited and our reality shrinks. 

We must let our thoughts be free as expressed by our words.  We must not let ourselves be subjugated and our expressions confined, punished or suffer retaliation because they were not politically acceptable. 

The words “political correctness” should be an affront to every American.  To make words “political” is by its definition to control us.  Tear down the walls of discourse and tell us what you think – agree or disagree – it is the openness of our discussion that is a barometer to our freedom.  


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