Sunday, October 18, 2015

Talking to a Brick Wall

Talking to a political partisan is like talking to a brick wall.  Someone who chooses to be ignorant and disregards or selectively picks facts and history to those that only support their view.  But partisans are not alone.  Far too many of us have strong conviction about our political beliefs that we disregard fact and logic when engaging in political “discussions” and drawing conclusions.  We have spoken about the substitution of feeling for fact in previous blogs, as well as in our book Vigilance The Price of Liberty, but this problem is so pervasive and destructive to a free society that a light must be shown upon it repeatedly.

Until people cast off the cloak of political correctness and unbridle themselves from beliefs that cannot be adjusted by fact and logic, we will be forced to live in dangerous ignorance as a society.  And the consequence of ignorance is that we will continue to elect bad politicians and incur bad policy that will plague our nation now and for generations to come.

To secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity, as our Founders sought to do, we must tear down the brick walls that inhibit honest debate, and become vigilant. 


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