Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My name is Megan Zwerling, and in collaboration with my father, Robert Zwerling, we have created Vigilance: The Price of Liberty.  While still in the final editing process, we are excited to introduce its subject and content to the public. Our goal in writing our book, Vigilance: The Price of Liberty, was to inspire the public to become well informed and reasoned and to demand better from those that we elect.  This is a non-partisan, Father-Daughter creation exploring our past, present and future through our current state of affairs from the perspectives of two generations. During this journey of enlightenment we became angry in being played for fools by politicians and the media, fearful for our future from the pending economic disaster, and aware that the issues that face our country have largely precipitated from a lack of vigilance of its people.  The absence of vigilance has produced a collective ignorance of our nation’s history, a disregard for the Constitution, and a public that has become disenchanted and disaffected by political games.  It has become more important than ever to read and understand our founding documents to give us the tools needed to insure the blessings of Liberty and prosperity for ourselves and our posterity.

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