Sunday, September 27, 2015

Adult and Responsible Versus What?

A political commentator said upon the resignation of John Boehner that Boehner was considered “responsible and adult” in his politics.  But responsible compared to what?  Can a $19 trillion debt, $100 trillion in unfunded entitlements and a government replete with hundreds and billions of dollars in annual waste and fraud be considered responsible and adult?  For that matter, where are the responsible adults of any party that see these items as a problem to tackle.

The fact of the matter is that politicians are all, to some degree, scoundrels whose prime motivation is their election.  The good of the party that supports their election replaces the good of the nation, and the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution are merely words without deed.

It has been said that a people get the government they deserve.  And until people become vigilant, this kind of “responsible and adult” brand of politician will continue to play us for fools.  Vigilance starts by knowing the powers we, the people, gave to the government as expressed in the Constitution - the “rule book” for governing.  Vigilance continues by being informed and focusing dialogue about those rules.

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