Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Race for Political Victory – Liberty or Subjugation?

Whether you are of Democratic or Republican Party affiliation, the one objective both parties habitually seek to gain is the ultimate political prize: control of the House, Senate and Presidential branches of government.  It is the “Super Bowl” of political victory.  On January 6, 2015 the authority of the House of Representatives and Senate was formally clenched by the Republican Party.  Is this the forthcoming of consolidation of power within government? As American’s, whether Republican or Democrat, we must realize the imbalance of power that this creates and the inherit risk this poses to the Liberty of the people of this great country.

The Constitution was specifically designed with the House, Senate, President and Judiciary to be equal and with separate powers with the express purpose to prevent power from consolidating in one man or one branch.  Essentially a government managed by a singular political group is literally the forthcoming of a country operating in a totalitarian fashion.  A government that “needs” to be controlled by a singular political group enables the will of the party to supplant the will of the nation.  For example, the Affordable Care Act was just such legislation and its passage trampled on our liberty to make our own healthcare decisions.  

As we write in Vigilance: The Price of Liberty, “The great body of us instinctively knows that Liberty is about the freedom of choice, but what we do not realize is how our Liberty is eroded by the uncontrolled growth of government.  We do not understand that our prosperity and Liberty are intertwined; we do not comprehend that we cannot control our future unless we have Liberty.”  Power vested in a single party is a threat to liberty if one party retains that power for too long.
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