Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dependency vs. Entitlement

This generation of youth has been described by many as entitled.  Growing up with participation trophies, given government subsidies to pay for college and constantly inundated with political correct talk about the importance of protecting everyone's feelings has softened this generation of young minds and contributed to what has been called their "entitlement" attitude.  But, something that has recently been brought to our attention that is potentially more serious than an entitlement culture, is one of "dependency".  The difference is that entitlement may be a bad case of the flu, but dependency may be an incurable cancer. 

The difference here is that an entitled attitude can be fixed with some real world experience and tough love, but dependency stems from an inability, not necessarily unwillingness, of an individual to be independent of the government.  With dependency, the problem is a deep seated suffering of those who have grown dependent on the government for a living.

If dependency is truly the issue, then how can a generation who does not know liberty, having never experienced its gifts, strive to obtain it?  Let the discussion begin.

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