Monday, January 5, 2015

The "Big Politics" Game

As 2015 begins, so do the 2016 presidential candidate announcements.  It has been said on various media outlets, another Bush Vs. Clinton run for the White House – only this time it’s a revamped run that would include a new Bush and Clinton on the ballot.  Is this the best America has to offer for a leader for the United States? Or are there smaller time candidates that just do not have the funds and backing to compete in the “Big Politics” arena? Has “Big Politics” become a restriction from entrance for suitable political leaders that just do not have the funds?

Just as politicians clamor about the “big business” that hurts the small business cause and have too much influence over the proceedings of our country via politics and the economy, those very mouth pieces ignore the same issue in the political game.  Campaigns and public office have been made into businesses themselves with investors of which these politicians are beholden to for financial support and backing.  Is this not an issue worth recognizing, let alone addressing as a problem that may inhibit potential candidates from entering public office? Let this be a point of discussion in your next conversation about potential 2016 presidential candidates and remember to stay vigilant.

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