Sunday, May 28, 2017

Why Do We Remember?

The Framers of the Constitution – both federalist and anti-federalists – were suspicious of a standing army. They feared the potential of such to be used against the citizens to enforce unjust laws.  As such, the Constitution had protections to check against the military.  Specifically, a civilian, the President, would be the Commander, but only the Congress could declare war and the Congress had the discretion to fund the military every two years.

Most remarkably, since the ratification of the Constitution, the military has never broken its trust with the people.  They have subjugated themselves and reported to a civilian power.  They have obeyed elected politicians whether the interventions were arguably just or unjust.

Unlike the politicians they serve, whose oath to protect and defend the Constitution are regularly abused, the military, with ultimate power on the planet, has never wavered from its oath.

With respect and admiration, US Vigilance remembers those that have given their lives in service, those that have served, and those that serve.

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