Sunday, May 21, 2017

Public Policy: The Pawn of Politics

Politicians have been stripped bare of any pretense of doing good public policy.  Good has nothing to do with it.  Being elected is the end goal of any political effort, and public policy is the pawn to the goal.  Public policy is to be used not for good, but to dupe a Gerrymandered base into voting for a man rather than a thoughtful process.

In an interview, House Speaker, Paul Ryan, said that his first priority was to assure the reelection of his Republican members and to retain control of the House.  Really?  We were under the impression that the priority was good public policy and an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  After all, why get people elected if not for that? On the other side of the political aisle, Chuck Schumer will lead his party in stopping any legislation of Republicans - this is exactly what he derided Republicans for during the Obama years.

The point being, these men voice words void of meaning.  A promise is only a campaign slogan, and dangerous and damaging policy is justified if the goal of reelection is accomplished.  To add insult to injury, legislation is written by unknown and unnamed lawyers in backrooms and enacted by legislators who do not give a hoot to even read what they are voting on.

We must be vigilant and demand better from our government.

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