Sunday, January 22, 2017

What do you want?

Do women’s rights matter? Yes. Do black lives matter? Yes. Do blue lives matter? Yes.

Frankly the lives and the rights of all lives matter…so the question is: what do you want?

In the recent nationwide Women’s March many celebrities behind microphones touted the importance of women.  Crowds raised hand-made posters with different slogans.  They say they are fighting for women’s civil rights, for human right. Ok, well what rights don’t we have?

Unlike the 1960s civil rights movement, which had a clear message and defined points of change, the recent protests seem to be a fight without a cause.

As a woman, I cannot think of a right that I am missing. Quite the opposite, my limitations are those imposed by me and those of a government that over-regulates and suppresses liberty.

But women can do what they want and achieve their loftiest of goals.  There are women entrepreneurs, CEOs, politicians, media personalities, etc.  Women can be professionals, mothers and wives.  We can pursue the lives we want to lead.  So, I ask, what are women protesting?

If it is the election of Donald Trump, then what are they asking from him?  To notice that they are there?

It seems the protest is more of the continuation of the Left’s temper tantrum for the outcome of the election than a protest of substance on an issue.

If these protesters care to inform the public of something that women lack, then by all means, please enlighten us and present a scope of public policy.  Until a clear message and some consensus in demands are defined though, these protests resemble the Occupy Wall Street protesters . . . all bluster and no substance.

As we said in the previous blog.  The fight is in public policy.  In reasoned fact based debate.  Differences of thought are good and to be embraced.  There is no participation trophy for sore losers who simply showed-up at a rally.

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  1. The various nefarious 'factions', in their many forms & guises, that 'pull most of the strings' at the local, state, national & global levels of the vast majority of governments around the world, form what I refer too as THE POLITICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. They are responsible for all of the good that is trying to be done by so many individuals & organizations around the world, ultimately being able to do only a very small portion of the good it would otherwise be able to accomplish if those people & organizations hadn't been hampered so much in their noble efforts, by different obstacles put in their way as a result of various government mandated progress inhibiting rules & regulations.
    All of the above alluded too GOOD being done globally by so many decent people & organizations will only realize it's full potential if 'We The People' work together to unshackle the restraints put on our collective wisdom/talent/intellect by the 'Powers That Be' within the above alluded too POLITICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, in order to keep us from ever creating a better world.
    This can only be done 'by 'neutralizing' the power wielded by those nefarious factions within the POLITICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, thereby making it possible to advance the entire human race to within an 'arms length' of creating a relatively 'utopian' type society within two generations, thus fulfilling the noble destiny for which we were originally created to achieve!!!