Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Always Forward"

Why is the media still lingering about the results of this presidential election? The Left, especially, looks to delegitimize Trump’s win, when, in fact, the results have been legitimized. 

To say Trump is not legitimate is a non sequitur.  It is time now to do away with petty party politics and look to the future.  It is time for the Democrats and their media allies to accept Trump as President.  Their fight is now in Congress and matters of policies.  This is our system.  Accept it.  If they want to make Trump a one term president, as Mitch McConnell said of Obama, then let them do such.  Voters, at the ballot box, will ultimately decide if they agree with these efforts.

The MSNBC far left crowd has their tag line of “Lean Forward”.  We suggest they instead take a lead from the Marvel character, Luke Cage, from the show of same name, and start to “Look Forward”.  Fight the future of public policies and not the results of the election.

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