Sunday, May 29, 2016

Don't Be Fooled: The Frustration of the Responsible

Let’s review some numbers: the top 10% of income earners pay about 70% of the taxes.

Now for some critical analysis:  out of that 10%, very few are knowledgeable of our nation’s founding, the historical concept of liberty, and the importance – let alone content – of the Constitution.

The level of corruption and dishonesty in the political media and government is at a fever pitch because too many Americans refuse to take the time to learn the most basic constructs of citizenship.  When people do not know their history and the facts, people vote on the emotion of self-interest.  As a result you get what we have today – a circus.

The parade of presidential candidates consist of a liar, a loudmouth and a loon – this is who we have to choose from.  America cannot hope to survive without a course correction.  We had that with Ronald Reagan when he gave us a breather from massive government, and the nation was allowed to flourish.

This election cycle, like no other, is critical for the survival of the American Dream.  We recall the philosopher J.J. Rousseau who wrote of voting 
“The people of England think they are free.  They are much mistaken.  They are never so but during the election of members of Parliament.  As soon as they are elected, they are slaves, they are nothing.  And by the use they make of their liberty during the short moments they possess it, they well deserve to lose it.”

Be Vigilant. Be Free

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