Sunday, May 22, 2016

Don't Be Fooled: The Enslavement of the Present by the Past

It was recently brought up in a conversation that I, as a white female, could not understand the feeling of being the only black guy in a room – well obviously! I am neither black nor male, so how could I possibly ever understand. Just as a black guy could never understand the feeling of being a white girl.  This is not racism or bigotry, this is simple biology.

We have, to our own disadvantage, aligned ourselves with a respective race, religion, political persuasion, etc and pitted ourselves against each other on the premise of past transgressions and ideology.  Does this not seem contrary to the progressive society so many of the younger generation espouse? Yes, understanding the past, learning from history is crucial for further development and progression, but to hold on to such hatred or partisanship for actions and ideas of past generations who have long since passed does not seem progressive at all – seems more like a spiteful woman…and I say that as a woman.

The present should remember and learn from the past, not be enslaved by it.  Let us learn our lessons and move on.

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