Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How Do We Get People Involved?

With a public that is largely distrustful of politicians and the media, and disenchanted with their political games, how do we engage the American public on the issues of today? 

As mentioned in last week’s blog, vigilance needs to spread from the minority in this country and become the majority.  Millennials especially need to become vigilant as we are the generation that must set in motion the necessary changes to save our country.  We define vigilance in four steps in our book Vigilance The Price of Liberty:
  1. Learning the Constitution
  2. Keeping informed of political events from multiple sources of different perspective
  3. Independently find the facts, and
  4. Make your thoughts known to politicians by constant communication with them, organizing groups, and voting.

Let’s put vigilance into motion and open the necessary dialogues. #bevigilantbefree

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