Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We Are All Students

Political beliefs mean nothing if they are not challenged.  If you have not cultivated enough facts to render a reasoned judgment, nor listened to others point of views, then you have not achieved a well-rounded perspective.  How it is that one’s personal belief is the absolute correct one? James Madison commented that as long as men remain fallible there will be a difference of opinion.

Political debates often run into differing points of view where neither party in the conversation is willing to listen to the other.  The result can then manifest in name calling and a general elevation of voice volumes.  This helps no one, solves nothing, and creates more problems. Most of us have something to say of value, something to teach, but we fail to see that quality in others.  Whether or not we agree with the perspectives of others is beside the point.

If all of us thought ourselves students rather than teachers, maybe our free flow of ideas could give way to innovation.  The best solutions are reached through debate of differing points of view – not from one mind or point of view.

In continuance with the theme of having reasoned dialogue to give way to solutions, let us all become students once again.  Everyone has something to learn.  It would behoove us to listen to others, whether we agree or disagree, so that we may come to a more informed conclusion.

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