Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's Just a Conversation

Too often political conversations become shouting matches.  This is not conducive to cultivate new ideas and solve problems; it does, however, provide entertainment for partisans when called political debate. Fifty five delegates sat in a room during the course of a hot Philadelphia summer and were able to have honest debate and a beautiful intellectual exchange of ideas that resulted in the Constitution.  How have we fallen so far from a united idea of Liberty and prosperity that encouraged involvement in politics, to a public that is largely disenchanted and disaffected with politics?

Part of the answer is the educational system that does not focus on the history of our nation, nor its political and economic structure.  This creates ignorance which will continue if the public does not become vigilant and demand a well-managed government.

But government cannot implement a drive toward vigilance more than they can implement moral behavior in society; these changes must find their origins in the household.  We must educate ourselves by reading the Constitution and becoming aware of current events from multiple news sources to get the full picture.  Once the household is engaged, this movement can then be brought into our educational systems to teach the youth about the country they will eventually be in charge of.

We must become vigilant or face the very real possibility of losing our Liberty in the next generation by the hands of the people entrusted to govern.  We must become vigilant to demand better and secure the blessings of Liberty.

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