Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Have You Read the Constitution?

Being on a college campus there is the unique opportunity to categorize people’s interests based on their major choice.  It is interesting however, that most of the political science majors I have spoken to have not read the Constitution.  In many of political conversations they begin to spout off about constitutional rights and I have simply asked, “Have you read the Constitution?” and the response I receive is quite unnerving, “Well I can’t remember, but I am sure I have read it at some point or another.”  This is astonishing that young adults who see themselves getting involved in politics as a career choice have not thoroughly studied our founding document.  It is simple to read, as this document is not written in legalese, and relatively short.  Not only is it easy to read, but every U.S. citizen, especially those involved in politics, should read it – multiple times!

This document should be revisited constantly, as new knowledge and understanding will come with every read; and with this new knowledge, disconcerting notions of what government has been allowed to do on our watch will be realized.

You can find the Constitution and links to other important documents through our website

Read. Become knowledgeable. Be Vigilant. Be Free.

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