Sunday, May 17, 2015

Can Government Protect Us?

One of the main arguments for more and large government is that we need government to protect us.  But can they?  In the area of common defense, our military is the most powerful on the planet when given free rein to wage war without politically correct restraints. But domestically, there are a labyrinth of agencies with overlapping responsibilities chugging-out encyclopedia sized regulations they claim will protect us.

With over a trillion dollars spent each year in discretionary spending, there is bound to be some good but most is rendered useless or destructive.  Great economic disasters have occurred in the face of an ocean of regulations, such as, the Great Depression and Great Recession that were footed by wrong policy decisions.  Bernie Madoff’s clients were unprotected from mass deception even when the government was tipped-off ahead of time.  Enron and Worldcom frauds transpired under the noses of the SEC.  Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservative groups, NSA surveillance, the VA are messes created by government.  Then there is the whopper of the Affordable Care Act.  Billions of dollars and years in the making and it is a Rube Goldberg of Titanic proportions - and no, you can’t keep your healthcare plan!

The point here is that government is best when it is used sparingly.  Like spice in a sauce to add flavor, but use too much and it becomes poison.

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