Sunday, March 1, 2015

Change in Perception

Can a generation truly yearn for liberty when it has not experienced it?  Just from the prior generation to that of today’s youth, the perception of liberty has changed.  The older generation views liberty as the individual freedom to choice.  While today’s youth sees liberty as freedom from necessity; i.e. youth wants healthcare, food, education (including college) and a job provided by the government if they are unwilling or unable to do so themselves.  It is this dependency on government vs. one’s ability that is the death and difference of liberty as compared to past generations.

In the test of life, liberty provides each individual with questions that they may answer however they choose.  But today, we have let government administer the test and change the format – answers are now a multiple choice from limited options preselected by the government.  The genesis of this transformation has been our collective lack of vigilance that has enabled the government to interpose itself in all matters of our lives.  Without a check by the people on the power of government, its influence spreads and eventually will consume our liberty until all want of necessity is gone – and so too the American Dream to choose one’s tomorrow.

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