Sunday, March 15, 2015

A New Type of Political Discussion

Political discussions of today’s youth, when they occur, are largely populated with social issues such as gay rights, women’s rights and socialized healthcare.  Rare, is the conversation of foreign or financial affairs.  However, even rarer is a competent conversation based on securing fact and reasoned debate.  We stand at the tipping-point of the American Dream and their failure to understand the relation between government and liberty will lead to the overthrow of prosperity and freedom.
The younger generation too often constructs its conversations based on opinion and personal beliefs.  Face, constitutional basis and projected outcomes are of little concern.  If quantitative analysis does not reenter political debate we will be left without effective change in policy.  Personal beliefs and social issues are part of political conversations concerning the well-being of the nation, but everything in moderation and balance.

So let the conversation continue, but let fact, not feeling, dominate the debate.

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  1. The government debt has gone from $10 trillion when Obama entered the White House to $18 trillion and some people are more concerned about the so-called "climate change," which Al Gore used to call "global warming."