Sunday, June 11, 2017

Comey & Collusion

The political theater this week surrounding the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, while providing some clarity that benefits President Trump, established that the Left media will not let Trump, collusion, and Russia leave their sights for the next four years.  What seemed to be cemented by the media following this testimony was a political media dogma that “analyzed” Trump lied, Trump isn’t under investigation “yet”, Russia hacked the election, we need further investigation on collusion, and Comey is a stand-up guy.

The sophistry of the Left and their bogeyman of Russia is wicked and is the true collusion that now infects the press.  The collusion that now exists to defame and degrade the President is between the Left and its liberal media counterpart.  In a Harvard study the unfavorable coverage of Trump in his first 100 days was over 90% of the articles where George W Bush was 67% and Barack Obama was 40%.

The media is fanning the flames for impeachment and has become part of the Democratic Party’s “resistance” to assure there is no legislation toward prosperity.  It is one thing to be the loyal opposition and still work with the other party to bend legislation, it is quite another when a major political party and the bulk of the press are in league to overthrow an election.

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