Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Devious and the Dull

Democrats, despite defeat at the state and national levels, remain a dominant political force.  This in in part due to being devious, and in part due to the GOP being dull.

For eight years Republicans preached to voters, “give us Congress and the presidency and we will return toward conservative principals of smaller government, lower regulations, and reduced taxes that will begin the restoration of liberty and prosperity.”  This was a possibility in February.  It would take Republicans to sway eight threatened Democrat Senators to pass legislation on their agenda.

However, the conservative Freedom Caucus wing of the GOP have seemed to have forgotten that politics is the art of the possible.  They have instead put the party’s head on the chopping block for all-or-nothing legislation rather than an incremental and calculated approach to change.  Thus, the failure of the Republicans to unite on healthcare puts the united Democrats in the driver seat.  Democrats can now make demand of Republicans and derail the GOP agenda, which only 30 days ago seemed plausible to achieve.

While Democrats and their media allies dance about alleged Russian attempts to interfere in the election long since passed, Obamacare remains and continues its death spiral.  Congress is in Republican grid-lock.  Senate Democrats are playing chicken with the Neil Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court cunningly by positioning for a filibuster.  What began at the beginning of the year as a GOP springboard to a new agenda is now under water.

It would be advisable for the GOP to enjoy a range of small victories by implementing policy and change in small bites rather than big gulps.  Get somethings done unilaterally from which success will begat success.  The vulnerable Democratic Senators will then be more amenable to bipartisan compromise.

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