Sunday, November 20, 2016

Post Election: What Now?

This election is a defeat of every major player in politics: the media, both parties, and government institutions.  All were repudiated by voters who, over the past 16 years, were told one thing, but experienced another. 

The Democratic Party and their identity politics clearly lost, but how did the Republicans lose as well? Well, frankly, they did not want Donald Trump.  Many in the party would not come-out to support him and still others actively worked against him. 

The media may be the biggest loser.  Mired in bias, disenchanted voters turned away from their reporting and lecturing.  Voters were absolutely fed up and were as angry at the media as they were with politics and politicians.

So what now?  We just don’t know. We do not have a “normal” Democratic or Republican politician as president. We do not have a media that has received a message against hyper-bias reporting.  We do not see the defeated Democratic Party regrouping and assessing what happened, but instead doubling-down on identity politics.  But we do have hope.  

The incoming president is not a politician.  He has not held elected office and his first job in government is president.  This is as improbable as the Cubs winning the World Series!  This also brings a ray of hope that the new “non-normal” president leads to something different…something new…something that rises past politics and puts the good of the nation before the benefit of the party.

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