Sunday, October 30, 2016

Some Light in the Dark Tunnel of Presidential Candidates

This week, US Vigilance, in collaboration again with the Richard Nixon Foundation, gathered five bright California college students at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, CA for the 2nd Collegiate Forum.  The panel discussion “Which presidential candidate is better for the college graduate’s future” was moderated by Nick Roman, host of KPCC’s All Things Considered.  The audience had the pleasure of listening to calm, reasoned, and sometimes humorous political dialogue among panelists who had different views of the candidates.  What we witnessed was something that our presidential candidates for 2016 have yet to accomplish: reasoned political debate of substance on policy.

In the newly renovated Nixon Library, we were reminded of the serious dialogues that drove debates between candidates.  And we were reminded of the consequential policies that can be derived from presidents.  And the setting was only fitting, as the event was held in the replica of the East Wing in the White House.

It is embarrassing that out of 320 million people we have come to, essentially, the decision between what some have referred to as a clown or a criminal to lead our country. However, the five college students of the Forum give us pause for hope that the next election cycle could bring more people to make their voices heard.  That a majority of responsible citizens will produce better candidates than the vocal minorities who drive too much of our politics.  With smart individuals like these students who are our future, we hope they will usher in a much needed reform and bring a light into this very dark tunnel our country has ventured into.

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