Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Revolution Has Begun – Viva La Revolution

Voters are far more than angry . . . they are oppressed!  They are in revolt!  And the manifestation is Mr. Trump.  The oppression is the iron boot of political correctness that is on their throats, and the revolt is against the “Compassionate Slavery” of the welfare state that confiscates too much of the tax payers’ earnings.

Too many don’t want Obamacare.  Too many don’t believe in the politics of global warming.  Too many see government as a punisher, not a protector.  Too many have witnessed failed policies with no repercussion to those that have failed us.  Too many don’t trust the government.  And too many see the media as biased brokers of the politicians they serve.

Unfortunately, in this election cycle, more so than any other in modern time, too many people are disgusted with the choices of either party – with liars, loons and loud mouths.  I asked a man who he would vote for if he had to choose between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump.  He lamented that it was a choice between a liar and a bigot, but he would vote for the liar because he said he could not bring himself to vote for a bigot.

As we write in Vigilance The Price of Liberty, “Government has become too large to sustain, and too opaque to be accountable, which diminishes its ability to do the public good.” This is the state we find ourselves in, and the only way to make government responsive and well managed is for us to get involved and demand better.

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