Sunday, January 24, 2016

Courage, Honor & Vigilance for Freedom

In the middle of the large winter storm that pummels the East Coast this weekend, there are men of our military who stand vigil to pay honor and respect to those that have made the greatest sacrifice so that we may enjoy the blessings of liberty.  To this we have the background of presidential elections that, rather than showing the best candidates, show only those that appeal to the two greatest sins of man: avarice and ambition.  No great General like Washington, no leader grounded in the value of freedom like Reagan, and no stirring visions like Kennedy.

The lot of candidates are reprehensible to American freedom.  None who would place their hand on the Bible to swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution have any intention of doing such.  Their intentions and actions will all be for political expedience and the next election cycle.  But who can blame them as the general electorate is ignorant of the civics needed to protect and secure their own liberty.

The Democrats have fielded a geriatric batch from the far left, while the Republicans have a three-ring circus of the Urinary Olympics.  The Democrats prodded Bernie Sanders, who was not a Democrat, to run as a Democrat against their inevitable nominee Hillary Clinton, to push her further left – as if she was not extreme enough already.  At least Bernie honestly believes in the value of socialism where Hillary simply utters the phrases that she believes will get her elected.  In some fashion, Bernie is less repulsive as an honest lunatic than Hillary as a practiced liar.

Bernie calls himself a “socialist” to hide that he is a full-throated communist.  All his ideas can be found in the dung heap of history.  Even the Communist Chinese realize a modicum of capitalism is needed or their country will return to crushing poverty and mass starvation – Bernie has not yet received this memo.

The original meaning of socialism was where the people owned the means of production.  But that was a failure, as punctuated by the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Socialism morphed from controlling production to controlling society by the distribution of wealth.  For Bernie and Hillary this means taxing everybody, not just the wealthy, then distributing the income through their idea of what is fair.  This is known as tyranny, when the state coercively takes your earnings then determines the choices you can make – like Obamacare.

However, both parties are staunch supporters of socialism and, we should point-out that America is the largest socialist nation in the world . . . what?  That is correct.  Think Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, welfare, etc.  What the government calls “entitlements” is socialism – doing through the “collective” what can be done by the individual.  And all these entitlements are both unsustainable and destroying the financial fabric of the country.  Just Social Security and Medicare have over $100 trillion unfunded liabilities.  A staggering amount that puts every American on the hook for over $320,000 - that is for every man, woman and child!

So when you hear the words socialism or entitlement think of government doing even more of what is not working and then tax us more for it.  And all the while politicians will tell us that taxes are “investments” and more government spending breeds “prosperity” – without any proof of history.  The call of “fairness” means taking from those who earn their living to give to those who do not.

Americans have a sense that we are in decline and headed in the wrong direction.  We must choose wisely, for the next decade will determine if America remains a beacon of liberty and prosperity.  Take heed to the solider pictured and remember: if we do not demand a well-managed government and fidelity to the Constitution, we will lay waste to the great sacrifices that have been made in our behalf.


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